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New Website for PhotoIreland Festival.

By 3rd February 2017February 10th, 2020News

PhotoIreland Festival is back for its 8th edition, having moved in the calendar from July to May. The move was prompted by our eagerness to work closer with local organisations and collectives over the Autumn/Winter period to deliver content during the festival. Likewise, the move will allow PhotoIreland Foundation to offer a series of new additions to its cultural portfolio, from courses to workshops and much more, all hosted at The Library Project. More about these, soon.

PhotoIreland Festival has always remained critical about what a festival does and how it does it, evolving its programme towards a more meaningful, inclusive and contemporary offering. Over the last years, we have gathered a lot of essential information and experience, plenty of mistakes and successes, and, slowly, the public will start to enjoy more of what PhotoIreland Festival really is.

Our intention is that this website will serve as a proper archive where eventually you will find very useful details and statistics from all the previous editions, as we strive to share all our information online – thus the need for a new and specific site for PhotoIreland Festival.

During the coming days, you will find on this website new details released about this year’s edition, so make sure you come back daily and subscribe to the newsletter!