PhotoIreland Festival

Ireland’s International Festival of Photography & Image Culture.

Celebrating 13 years advancing Photography in Ireland

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Vibrant, friendly,
a festival for all
to enjoy.

Conceived in 2008, and celebrating its first edition in 2010, PhotoIreland Festival is Ireland’s first international festival of Photography and Image Culture, and the main festival dedicated to Photography in Ireland. It celebrates Ireland’s photographic talents – oftentimes only recognised abroad – as well as bringing international practitioners and artists to Ireland. The festival highlights, promotes and elevates Photography in Ireland – conferring on it the importance it duly deserves. With the motto “vibrant, friendly, all-inclusive: a festival for all to enjoy”, we set out to raise awareness on local and international photographers and artists working with Photography, and to underline the work of those organisations and individuals that for years have been promoting an engagement with the medium.

PhotoIreland receives grant aid support from the Arts Council of Ireland, and the Dublin City Council Arts Office to run the PhotoIreland Festival. The festival works closely with local and international organisations like the European Union cultural institutes, as much as with commercial partners, to deliver a high standard, remaining critical and looking for new challenges with each edition.

The festival has been celebrated every year during the month of July, and it will be celebrated now in May from 2017. Highlighting through a proposed programme, the works of national and international artists, the event brings together the energies of a wide range of artists, galleries and cultural institutions in a celebration of Photography, with many participative events for all types of audiences.

Our intention is that this website will serve as a proper archive where eventually you will find very useful details and statistics from all the previous editions, as we strive to share all our information online – thus the need for a new and specific site for PhotoIreland Festival.

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